Now is the Perfect Time to Trust the Canadian Government  

If you are a Canadian, you must feel very proud of your Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Not only does he earn the trust of Canadians, he also has a huge international appeal. People stop to listen to him when he speaks. Of course, it is also partly because of his good looks. No one can blame you if you are also stunned the moment he speaks in front of you.

However, the main reason why he is extremely popular is because of his charisma. He is passionate about things that matter to most people. He is open to accepting refugees and immigrants instead of painting them as bad people. He understands that Canada survives because it is a diverse nation. Trudeau himself is from a French immigrant family and is not shy from speaking French even in public speeches.

He is also aggressively promoting to fight global warming. He didn’t shy away from Canadians who are pro-oil industry. He continued to fight for green energy. He is also passionate about fighting for women’s rights and the rights of the minority. He made sure that he has a diverse cabinet, representing people of different races, sexual orientation and religion.

There is pretty much nothing else that you can hope for in a prime minister if someone like Justin Trudeau is at the helm of your country’s government. If you are a Canadian, perhaps it is time to relax and just enjoy seeing the world.

Travel to the US

You can see the situation in the United States now and realize just how lucky you are that you are experiencing something way different than what Americans face. People in the US are busy taking their causes to the streets. Some of them are organizing for future races. Each day is a challenge for Americans especially with Trump at the head of the government.

He never stops doing or saying something crazy every day. Americans can’t sleep at night thinking what Trump can do. He might repeal their health care the next day. He can even start a war carelessly just like how he ordered the raid in Yemen. He can also anger even the closest allies of the US. Vice President Pence has even traveled to Europe to assure their allies that everything is under control.

While you are in the US, try comparing the situation with that in Canada. You will surely feel blessed. It doesn’t mean that Trudeau or someone like him will be on top of the Canadian government for a long time. There will be a time when Trudeau will be replaced. Considering the rise of populism across the world today, anything can happen.

Nevertheless, it is time for you to just relax and enjoy the progress in your home country. Check out the Justin Moore 2017 tour and enjoy his music instead. He is one of the youngest but most wonderful sounding country singers today. Watching his concert won’t be a bad decision. Even if you are to travel to the US just to see him, it is worth the cost.