Canada Deserves to Celebrate After Surviving Rough 2016


2016 is a year that has witnessed some of the greatest tragedies in the world, especially in the field of politics. Brexit unexpectedly won despite surveys showing otherwise. The Colombian Peace Deal failed because of low voter turnout and a high percentage of voters rejecting the deal. Most of all, Trump won. Add to that the deaths of famous artists and legends this year. It seems like many other countries just couldn’t catch a break.

This is not necessarily true for Canada. We have just elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He has introduced some of the most progressive policies ever. He has filled out his cabinet with men and women. He has also placed members from minority races. He has even joined a gay pride parade- the first ever head of a country to join such a parade. Canada’s future is bright under the Trudeau administration. Not only is he loved in Canada, but he is admired in various parts of the world.

Unlike Trump who has kept on igniting war and hatred, Trudeau is more about offering a hand of peace and forgiveness. His focus is more on equality and inclusiveness. He has given a voice to people who were left out on the sidelines before. He is the perfect representation of Canada as it is today- a country of diverse culture and traditions.

We have to celebrate

2016 was not a perfect year for Canada, but compared with what the rest of the world had to go through, we are beyond lucky. This means that we deserve a celebration. We have to be grateful of the year that was. It might not be a perfect year for others, but at least Canada was spared. The country did not see anything of the same gravity as other countries on earth. We are not suffering from war unlike Syria and Iraq. We are not facing famine or drought. We don’t have erratic leaders. We have someone who is in power to protect us all and make us feel better.

So, if you are still down as the New Year approaches take a look at what has happened to the others and be grateful that you don’t have to go through the same ordeal. Instead of locking yourself up in your room, go out and have fun. Join the rest of Canada in welcoming the New Year. Pray for a better 2017 and be hopeful that nothing bad will happen to Canada.

You may also hire Keep It Real Entertainment performers and enjoy their performances. You need to toast this with the rest of your family members. It has been such a great year for us. 2017 does not guarantee anything, but at the very least, we should welcome it with the right foot forward and a great deal of optimism. We have made the right decisions to move this country forward so we deserve to reap the positive effects of our decisions. Most of all, we can keep moving forward and do better.