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British Columbia Residents: Healthiest Population in Canada

When talking about which province in Canada has the highest index of healthy living, it is British Columbia. This reputation has remained undisputed to this date as proven by the figures released by the Statistics bureau. In surveys conducted on health state of Canadians, it was shown that British Columbia residents with ages ranging from 12 and above are among the most physically active people at 59.1 % of the population.

Healthy lifestyle

Only 17.8 % of B.C. population is attributed to smokers. Also, many British Columbians advocate fruit and vegetable diet, at a rate of 43% consumption. Moreover, obesity among adults in B.C. is low at 44.4 %, as well as with young people at 17.8 % obesity rate only. As for drinking, a low 15.7 % of B.C. population indulges in alcohol, which is done mostly on occasions.

Public health plan

Perhaps the most important factor that contributes to the overall health condition of the people of British Columbia is the support given by the government. This Canadian province has one of the most efficient health coverage in the world. Taxpayers indeed are getting the most benefit from their taxes through healthcare. Individuals are provided superior healthcare plans, thereby improving the life expectancy of everyone.

Health and success

Because of the excellent health condition of people in B.C., majority of them are successful in life with respect to their careers and families. Many British Columbian families are able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and engage in fun activities such as travel. They have enough resources to watch plays, operas and stage shows and confirm early booking from Daniel Tosh June gloom tour dates. Indeed, life is good and going better among British Columbian people.

Highest cost in health care

Notably, despite the fact that British Columbia people are the healthiest, there still remains to be a general concern on the minimal percentage of people living unhealthy lifestyle. Accordingly, the highest cost in health care incurred by the government goes to nutrition and public campaign against tobacco use, alcohol and substance abuse. Although British Columbia is not considered a haven for drug use and addiction, the government is willing to pay a price to prevent its incidence.