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Cool Stuff You Can Do in British Columbia

If you’ve never been to British Columbia, you’re doing your life wrong. Seriously, BC is such an awesome place to chill out and let the place and culture amuse you. The climate is mild, just right for fun outdoor recreation. If you like the posh life, you can also hop from one high-class restaurant to another. There’s also great wine, too. Whatever it is that you want to do, BC got it for you.

Food and Wine

Did I mention that there are lots of farms, wineries, cideries, and breweries in BC? You bet there are, and this abundance makes BC a go-to place for foodies and dining connoisseurs. The restaurants feature world-class chefs and vintners who use fresh BC ingredients for the mouth-watering cuisine. Whether you like Italian or American cuisine, they got it.

Outdoor Activities

If you’re a hardcore athlete who searches for intense outdoor activities, you can try rock climbing, hiking treks, mountain biking, and more. If these activities seem daunting for you, you can do less intense activities such as canoeing, kayaking, having underground cave tours, go to museums and a lot more. You can immerse yourself to the wilderness or simply hang out in farms and country area. The choices are limitless.


There are beautiful gardens, museums, theatre productions, sports events, and other sorts of entertainment you can watch at any time of the year. Lots of bands and artists hold concert tours in BC. Last February, in fact the band Imagine Dragons performed in Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC as part of the Imagine Dragons tour 2015 . You can inquire at local Visitor Centre to find out the attractions and entertainments in the area.

Arts, Culture & History

Culture nut? BC got you covered. There are lots of museums and cultural events you can get a good kick out of. BC has 91 National historic Sites, 10 Provincial Historic Sites and 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Experience the pleasure of riding a stagecoach at Barkerville Historic Town; find out about fur traders and fishermen at Fort Langley National Historic Site and North Pacific Cannery, respectively. If you like tunnels and trestles, go to The Kettle Valley Rail Trail.

There are literally hundreds of things you can do at British Columbia. This is why it’s one of the most loved regions in Canada.

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Start Your Own Business From the Comfort of Home

Truly there’s a great deal of selection when considering on starting a business. Either you have big capital money, a little capital, or no capital at all. You can start a business! Thanks to the invention of worldwide web, overwhelming opportunities come to the less fortunate aspirers. One opportunity is starting your own website business.

Putting up a website business can be a great way for you to work innovatively in a field that you’re passionate about. For sure, there are millions of different web businesses out there, and the challenge for you is starting one that will resonate to the mass media. Here are tips to help you start your own website business.

Think of prospective business topics. Start by writing down 5-10 topics that you know a lot about and are passionate about. Music may be your passion, why not make a Music website about your favourite artist? Look at this as an example Justin Moore Website.

(If you want to know more about Justin Moore concert tours and tickets click here)

Research those topics. Start by looking for what other sites are out there and also research keyword tools to see what people are usually searching for.

Find which subject/topic has the most potential. This will perhaps be a topic that is in demand but has relatively few sites out there on the internet.

Find related keywords that define the subject/topic

Or, find great value-for-money keywords. Find a subject/topic and research more specific keywords where you can purchase at a low rate.

Consider making an informational website that makes money through advertisements. You can start an informational site and make money thru it by using Google Adsense. It lets you put ads on your pages that are related to your topic. Whenever people click on the ads you’ll get paid.

Or, marketing affiliate programs to your readers. They are made by companies to promote their products. You can sign up and receive a referral fee whenever you promote their products.

Make your business site more effective. Create an informational/content driven website with enhanced keywords to attract search engines and more readers.

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Blake Shelton: King of Country?

Iconic country music artist, Blake Shelton, troops to Orlando on August 30. He will be performing at the Amway Center, the schedule being part of His ‘Ten Times Crazier Tour’. Other performing artists are The Band Perry, Dan + Shay and Neal McCoy. May 2 will be the start of official ticket selling and prices go for $27.75 and $52.75, excluding fees.  Hear Blake sing hits from his current album (platinum certified), ‘Based on a True Story’. Check blake shelton music for other concert details.

Shelton’s official fan club members will enjoy a pre-sale, see for more details. Register now for fan club membership and have a part in “Blake is #TenTimesCrazier!” Thunderclap campaign, a donation drive for the benefit of Lifting Lives Foundation (an Academy of Country Music foundation). All fan club purchases will entitle 1$ donation amount to LLF per each ticket sold.

Performing trio, The Band Perry, has also been going on tour with Canada as one of the concert venues for the group’s ‘We Are Pioneers World Tour’.  Blake himself is scheduled to perform in Canada as well, this July 3. He will sing at the Ottawa Bluesfest, which is to be held at Canada War Muesum, it’s an indoor event at LeBreton Flats. Other performers for the event are Leclaire, Gary Clark Jr., Lady Gaga, Danny Brown, and others. Bassist Christopher Maclean and drummer Michael Hunter join Leclaire. The festival will continue for eleven days. Bluesfest celebrates its 20th anniversary this year; the festival expects to bring in over 250,000 attendees, just like it did last year.

Besides concert touring, Blake Shelton is busy with the hit TV show, “The Voice”. The show is currently running its 6th season. Blake is joined by co-returning judges Adam Levine (his best pal!), Usher, and Columbian superstar Shakira. Recently, Blake collaborated with Shakira for her latest album (self-titled). The two worked on a song together, with Shakira enlisting help from Nashville songwriters. The song was titled ‘Medicine’, with a touch of both country and pop. The duet was performed at the ACM Awards night and on the show ‘The Voice’. The album, Shakira’s only album in the last four years, was released on March 25.

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British Columbia Residents: Healthiest Population in Canada

When talking about which province in Canada has the highest index of healthy living, it is British Columbia. This reputation has remained undisputed to this date as proven by the figures released by the Statistics bureau. In surveys conducted on health state of Canadians, it was shown that British Columbia residents with ages ranging from 12 and above are among the most physically active people at 59.1 % of the population.

Healthy lifestyle

Only 17.8 % of B.C. population is attributed to smokers. Also, many British Columbians advocate fruit and vegetable diet, at a rate of 43% consumption. Moreover, obesity among adults in B.C. is low at 44.4 %, as well as with young people at 17.8 % obesity rate only. As for drinking, a low 15.7 % of B.C. population indulges in alcohol, which is done mostly on occasions.

Public health plan

Perhaps the most important factor that contributes to the overall health condition of the people of British Columbia is the support given by the government. This Canadian province has one of the most efficient health coverage in the world. Taxpayers indeed are getting the most benefit from their taxes through healthcare. Individuals are provided superior healthcare plans, thereby improving the life expectancy of everyone.

Health and success

Because of the excellent health condition of people in B.C., majority of them are successful in life with respect to their careers and families. Many British Columbian families are able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and engage in fun activities such as travel. They have enough resources to watch plays, operas and stage shows and confirm early booking from Daniel Tosh June gloom tour dates. Indeed, life is good and going better among British Columbian people.

Highest cost in health care

Notably, despite the fact that British Columbia people are the healthiest, there still remains to be a general concern on the minimal percentage of people living unhealthy lifestyle. Accordingly, the highest cost in health care incurred by the government goes to nutrition and public campaign against tobacco use, alcohol and substance abuse. Although British Columbia is not considered a haven for drug use and addiction, the government is willing to pay a price to prevent its incidence.

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A Brief Overview of the British Columbia Politics

Primarily, the British Columbia politics encompasses not only the administration of British Columbia, Canada, as well as different political factions which have chosen or held legislative power. It also involves multiple attempts or experiments at electoral and political reform.

British Columbia’s History of Politics

Before the year 1903, British Columbia doesn’t have any political parties. The initial Premier of British Columbia, Sir Richard McBride, was the very first one to assert a party affiliation, which is Conservative Party. He was also the first one to institute caucus politics or also referred to as conventional party.

From the time party politics were established in British Columbia, several political parties, which controlled the government for over 10 years, emerged, and that includes the 20th century’s Conservative government, Liberal government of the interwar, Social Credit or Socred government of post-war (governed by W.A.C Bennett), followed by a brief reign of NDP or New Democratic Party, and then governance under Social Credit which was led by W.A.C Bennett’s son, Bill Bennett.

By 1990s, the NDP government ruled and by the year 2000, the BC Liberal Party Government governed by Gordon Campbell, followed. In the 1940s, the government of British Columbia was ruled by an alliance of the Conservatives and the Liberals. Neither of the mentioned parties had the electoral power to establish a majority, so an alliance was utilized as a method to avoid the British Columbia Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (NDP’s forerunner) from reigning.

From the year 1972 up to 1975, the New Democratic Party which was then led by Dave Barrett won power; however, he was defeated after he engaged in a showdown with formed labor. Because of this event, Social Credit party regained the power, which was ruled by a new leader, Bill Bennett, the son of the past premier. Bill Bennett had been enlisted by an old guard of the party, but Bill introduced a fresh style of politics.

By the year 1986, Bill Bennett opted to retire from politics. Bill Vander Zalm became his successor. Unlike the other former leaders and parties, Mr. Zalm and his party wasn’t that popular that time. During the realm of several scandals and increasing unpopularity, the party was conquered by the New Democratic Party. Since that time, NDP led the province of British Columbia for over 10 years.

Recall Election and Initiative Legislation

In Canada, BC is the only province that practices recall election and initiative legislation. Both of these political features were showcased after the 1991 referendum. Since the time these actions were introduced, there was only a single successful recall petition, and that is when MLA Paul Reitsma was compelled to give up his position, hours prior to his removal from the office.

British Columbia on Fixed Election Dates

British Columbia is also the first Canadian province to edict Fixed Election Dates. Before, the BC elections were quite similar with majority of parliamentary jurisdictions, whereby it only needs an election within a certain span of time- 5 years in all Canadian jurisdictions.

Listed below are some of the current active political parties in the province of British Columbia. This may serve as a guide in making a sound decision during elections.

1. BC Libertarian Party

This BC political party is guided by the libertarian non-aggression principle, which is: no person or organization should utilize fraud or force against any other. Fraud or force should also not be used to attain social or political goals. BC Libertarian Party advocates the civil liberties, as well as the private property right, which includes ceasing the control of government on the economic activity, drug legalization, as well as ceasing of the coercive taxation.

2. British Columbia Liberal Party

This is the political party that Christy Clark belongs to. Several residents of British Columbia advocate the platform of this political party, which include freeing the province from debt, to secure the economy of the province, and building a stronger and much better society for the younger generation.

3. British Columbia Social Credit Party

This party consider themselves as a grassroots party that is accountable to the British Columbia residents. The members of this British Columbia political party believe that the province needs a responsible open government and that there is no special treatment for anyone. British Columbia Social Credit Party also believes that there should be equal opportunities for everyone.

4. Western Canada Concept Part of BC

The leader of this political party is Dough Christie, who aims to employ the Western Block Party’s foundational strategy in order to secure independence for Western Canadians. Just like other political parties, this party aims to free British Columbia from corruption.

5. British Columbia Marijuana Party

It is a minor political party that strongly supports the cannabis legislation.

Suffice to say, British Columbia has quite an intricate political system. Nevertheless, the residents of this exemplary Canadian province are active partakers in the governance, to ensure that they’ll be ruled by the right people.

The Present

As of today, British Columbia is under the governance of Christy Clark from the British Columbia Liberal Party. In the western part of Canada, aside from Alberta, usually, politics showcased NDP or CCF on the left side, while some other political party on the left side. The current epitome of the BC Liberal Party accomplishes this role in British Columbia. This British Columbia political party is neutral federally and it acquires its associates from the center going to the center right.

From the time it was taken over by Premier Gordon Campbell’s supporters, after Gordon Wilson’s ouster, several people consider this party as an efficient rebirth of the obsolete BC Social Credit Party.

Now is the Perfect Time to Trust the Canadian Government  

If you are a Canadian, you must feel very proud of your Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Not only does he earn the trust of Canadians, he also has a huge international appeal. People stop to listen to him when he speaks. Of course, it is also partly because of his good looks. No one can blame you if you are also stunned the moment he speaks in front of you.

However, the main reason why he is extremely popular is because of his charisma. He is passionate about things that matter to most people. He is open to accepting refugees and immigrants instead of painting them as bad people. He understands that Canada survives because it is a diverse nation. Trudeau himself is from a French immigrant family and is not shy from speaking French even in public speeches.

He is also aggressively promoting to fight global warming. He didn’t shy away from Canadians who are pro-oil industry. He continued to fight for green energy. He is also passionate about fighting for women’s rights and the rights of the minority. He made sure that he has a diverse cabinet, representing people of different races, sexual orientation and religion.

There is pretty much nothing else that you can hope for in a prime minister if someone like Justin Trudeau is at the helm of your country’s government. If you are a Canadian, perhaps it is time to relax and just enjoy seeing the world.

Travel to the US

You can see the situation in the United States now and realize just how lucky you are that you are experiencing something way different than what Americans face. People in the US are busy taking their causes to the streets. Some of them are organizing for future races. Each day is a challenge for Americans especially with Trump at the head of the government.

He never stops doing or saying something crazy every day. Americans can’t sleep at night thinking what Trump can do. He might repeal their health care the next day. He can even start a war carelessly just like how he ordered the raid in Yemen. He can also anger even the closest allies of the US. Vice President Pence has even traveled to Europe to assure their allies that everything is under control.

While you are in the US, try comparing the situation with that in Canada. You will surely feel blessed. It doesn’t mean that Trudeau or someone like him will be on top of the Canadian government for a long time. There will be a time when Trudeau will be replaced. Considering the rise of populism across the world today, anything can happen.

Nevertheless, it is time for you to just relax and enjoy the progress in your home country. Check out the Justin Moore 2017 tour and enjoy his music instead. He is one of the youngest but most wonderful sounding country singers today. Watching his concert won’t be a bad decision. Even if you are to travel to the US just to see him, it is worth the cost.


Canada Deserves to Celebrate After Surviving Rough 2016


2016 is a year that has witnessed some of the greatest tragedies in the world, especially in the field of politics. Brexit unexpectedly won despite surveys showing otherwise. The Colombian Peace Deal failed because of low voter turnout and a high percentage of voters rejecting the deal. Most of all, Trump won. Add to that the deaths of famous artists and legends this year. It seems like many other countries just couldn’t catch a break.

This is not necessarily true for Canada. We have just elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He has introduced some of the most progressive policies ever. He has filled out his cabinet with men and women. He has also placed members from minority races. He has even joined a gay pride parade- the first ever head of a country to join such a parade. Canada’s future is bright under the Trudeau administration. Not only is he loved in Canada, but he is admired in various parts of the world.

Unlike Trump who has kept on igniting war and hatred, Trudeau is more about offering a hand of peace and forgiveness. His focus is more on equality and inclusiveness. He has given a voice to people who were left out on the sidelines before. He is the perfect representation of Canada as it is today- a country of diverse culture and traditions.

We have to celebrate

2016 was not a perfect year for Canada, but compared with what the rest of the world had to go through, we are beyond lucky. This means that we deserve a celebration. We have to be grateful of the year that was. It might not be a perfect year for others, but at least Canada was spared. The country did not see anything of the same gravity as other countries on earth. We are not suffering from war unlike Syria and Iraq. We are not facing famine or drought. We don’t have erratic leaders. We have someone who is in power to protect us all and make us feel better.

So, if you are still down as the New Year approaches take a look at what has happened to the others and be grateful that you don’t have to go through the same ordeal. Instead of locking yourself up in your room, go out and have fun. Join the rest of Canada in welcoming the New Year. Pray for a better 2017 and be hopeful that nothing bad will happen to Canada.

You may also hire Keep It Real Entertainment performers and enjoy their performances. You need to toast this with the rest of your family members. It has been such a great year for us. 2017 does not guarantee anything, but at the very least, we should welcome it with the right foot forward and a great deal of optimism. We have made the right decisions to move this country forward so we deserve to reap the positive effects of our decisions. Most of all, we can keep moving forward and do better.


Common Mistakes on Buying In Musical Instrument Shops

Now if you are a music lover and it is your first time to buy a musical instrument then this post is to guide you in what are the common mistakes that first-time buyers of music instrument like you should avoid since these are the mistakes that you do not to commit just for you to learn from it.

So the first common mistake with first-time buyers of music instrument is when you buy a music instrument from a music shop immediately without checking if they have parts of that particular instrument in their shop. This is a mistake since you need to anticipate the worse when it comes to buying an instrument, even though if you made sure that it is made out of high-quality materials but through time you might need to buy a part of it due to wear and tear. Like for example, if you are going to buy a guitar, then the most important thing is that you need to make sure that the shop where you are going to buy have the available guitar strings that are compatible with the guitar that you choose.

Then, another important mistake that you need to avoid is when you do not buy your music instrument from a reputable music instrument shore like Global Music Revolution because you need to understand that you will just risk yourself in buying from a not reputable and highly reviewed music shop. You will be risking yourself by buying a music instrument from a not reputable music shop like for example, buying an instrument that you thought it was made of high-quality materials as the store claims to be but after a few days of using it or weeks, it already has damages like the neck would bend since the wood or material that was used are made out of very soft wood which would lead to breakage of the neck of the guitar when you tighten the strings.

And most importantly what you need to do is to take time researching about the music instrument that you are planning to buy. Like for example if you are going to buy a guitar on your own, then you need to determine how you are going to use it or what genre of music you want since there if you want to become a good musician then you need to know that you need to have a different guitar for different note key since you can’t just rely everything on your guitar effects on your pedal board, especially if you still do not know yet what genre of music you would like usually to play.

Therefore, the mistakes that you need to avoid when buying a new instrument is checking for the readily available parts in your local area, then you also need to buy from a reputable music shop and most importantly, you need to research on what particular musical instrument that you want to buy in guitars Adelaide.

Expertise in Saving the Day

plumber heroWhat does it really takes to be a hero and save the day? Does he need to fly? Fight villains with his hands? Have a laser vision or titanium claws? Or just have a skill that really helps many people? While many other are drown to too much praises driven by a high social status, only few have appreciate people who are down to earth and are dedicated to help others with- well, special powers they have. Talking about Plumbers in Adelaide City or Plumber Adelaide; you might say; “wait what?! After that noble start?!” but yes, Plumbers are not really known and so much, people only see them as a man who likes to crawl under kitchen sink. While Adelaide City is known for neat, sophisticated and as coastal capital of south Australia, plumber Adelaide are often underestimated since their workplaces are bathrooms, kitchens, drainages and such. Compared to people who work in exclusive buildings and offices or five star hotel and restaurants, they are often misjudged. But do you know that all of these places; may it be an exclusive building or prestigious hotel actually needs plumbers? Well, actually everyone in the world needs plumbers. Like how Adelaide itself needs a dedicated, down to earth plumber who can save the entire day.

Adelaide City in South Australia is known to be the cosmopolitan coastal capital. Of course, there were buildings there, schools, hotels and parks. Just imagine if all of those public places; where there are many people possibly present lost the access to clean and portable water? It’s terrible right? Water is one of our basic needs; actually a person can survive without food but not water. This is where plumber Adelaide is essential; they are like the keys to unlock clean and portable water that everyone in Adelaide needs. Aside from that, they are also an expert when it comes to blocked drainages and rainwater tanks, they specializes heat central systems as well as oil supply systems. Don’t ever underestimate them as they are equally in demand as electricians. They have the same ability to read and understand blueprints of certain buildings as well as the policies and safety precautions to remember. Hotels need water, so they need plumbers. Schools need water; yes, they need plumbers.

They are like water engineers, they can fit pipes and bend them for the flow of water in the entire building or house, they maintain and repair it to keep it in a good stand, they clear blocked drainages to prevent any harmful effects of stagnant water, and many more! There are several plumbing services in Adelaide that offers quality services at a very fair price. Every human needs water that also explains why they need plumbers. As a profession, plumber is a very interesting job; actually they have a very complex range of job paths that explains how in demand they are. Some people recorded to have a plumbing job preferred to stick on it for their entire lives, those who are retired still do some plumbing and offered some trainings for those who wants to learn it. It’s not easy and it’s not a small job, they have to be very careful since they hold some critical aspect of water like heat for hot water and oil systems. Because there are many infrastructure in Adelaide, there are also many people there thus, many needs of water and a plumber.

All in all, plumber Adelaide promises to keep and maintain accessible water for Adelaide citizens. They have the expertise or power to give what a human essentially need; water. If there is an emergency in your household, keep your head up and call for Plumber Adelaide and see how he will use his power in saving your day.

Tips Before Buying a Property in British Columbia for the First Time

Row of upscale brick and stone faced townhomes.If you have decided to move to British Columbia, Canada and invest on a real estate property, then you are doing the right decision. The living condition in the region is great and a lot of people are satisfied of their life. However, you must not rush into that decision. You have to think about it carefully or else you will invest on the wrong item and regret in the end.

Study the area

You need to survey all the possible locations first before closing the deal. Visit open houses or ask questions among real estate developers. You should also find out some details about taxation laws in the region. You should also weigh in between property rental and sale. Either way is fine as long as you can benefit more from it.

Be knowledgeable

It is also great if you enter a transaction and you know exactly what you are going into. Hence, you need to be knowledgeable. Attend a property seminar so you can make smarter decisions. You should also read some more details about buying and selling properties. If you can speak with friends who are in this industry, then it would be more helpful.

Be ready

In the end, if you think you are knowledgeable enough and you have asked the right questions, you have to prepare yourself. If you are planning to move and bring your entire family, you have to ask yourself first if it is the right thing to do. You should also consult with everyone in the family. Being psychologically prepared for the chances is also important. To top it all, you need to understand that you are entering something which is basically a gamble. You will never know if you are getting your investment back in the end or not.

Well, anything comes with a risk. Moving to British Columbia has its ups and downs. However, you are ultimately the one to make the decision. Therefore, you need to be ready about it and you have to stand by the decision that you have made. In the end, you will fear nothing if you have done your part before investing.

Take Your Backpack With You to Enjoy an Outdoorsy Life in British Columbia

british columbia lakeIf you haven’t already heard of this province, which is highly unlikely, British Columbia is the one located on Canada’s west coast. It is part of the Pacific Northwest with the States of Washington and Oregon. In view of its geographical location, the province has become the favorite of many who are into outdoor activities. With its various mountainous terrains, lakes, coasts, rivers and forests, it is now considered as one of the best places to go to for camping, hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing, fishing and hunting.

 Some of the World’s Best Camping

For those who enjoy camping, there are several types of camping areas you can choose from such as provincial and national parks, RV and private campgrounds, and recreation sites. Here, you can get a taste of living in the wilderness along with your family and friends. And since you will be far away from the civilized world, it is best that you bring all your essentials with you, including first aid kits. For this reason, it is imperative that you use a pack that could accommodate such items. One great option would be Pack-it-in Pack-it-out’s military duffle bags. This pack is the perfect choice for outdoorsy activities like camping.

canadian kayakerGet in the Water

During summer season, various water sports can also be enjoyed here aside from the usual camping, hiking and mountaineering extravaganza. Regardless if you are looking for motorized or non-motorized water sport, British Columbia is a perfect destination. BC has some of the world’s best water. Among the various water activities that can be enjoyed here are sailboarding and sailing. On its many inland rivers, you can try kayaking and whitewater rafting. If you are a winter person, that is not a problem. Have you tried ice sailing?

If not, head over to Whistler and enjoy the spectacular experience of sailing on ice! There’s also telemark, downhill and cross-country skiing. Of course, if skiing is available, so is snowboarding. See? As long as you are adventurous enough, you will never run out of activities to try our here in British Columbia. It is really the perfect place to be for those who love to do outdoor activities, whether alone or with family and friends.


Bruno Mars Moonlight Jungle Tour Past Shows

The Moonshine Jungle Tour is the on-going second concert tour by Bruno Mars in support of his second album, Unorthodox Jukebox. The concert tour is initially set to begin on 6.22.2013 up to 3.16.2014. In April 2013 however, Bruno Mars announced that the tour would include Australia in the month of February to March 2014. As of 9.10.2013, the tour has reached engrossment of $40.5 million from the first 42 shows and dragged more than 565,000 fans. The tour was at top 23 among the 25 Tours of 2013 being able to sell out 44 shows among 48, with an engrossment of $46,417,795 in North America shows. Over all in Bruno Mars 2015 concert tours, the 84 shows had given him a total of $72.4 million. In January 2014, Bruno Mars announced the second leg of his North America tour, with additional 35 concerts being scheduled in the US and 6 in Canada with Pharrell Williams and Aloe Blacc as one of the support acts.


Quebec, Canada – July 08, 2013

Columbus, OH – July 10, 2013

Auburn Hills, MI – July 11, 2013

Chicago, IL – July 13, 2013

Saint Paul, MN – July 14, 2013

Edmonton, Canada – July 18, 2013

Vancouver, Canada – July 20, 2013

Seattle, WA – July 21 2013

Portland, OR – July 22, 2013

Sacramento, CA – July 24, 2013

San Jose, CA – July 25, 2013

Los Angeles, CA –July 27, 2013

Los Angeles, CA – July 28, 2013

San Diego, CA – July 30, 2013

Phoenix, AZ – July 31, 2013

Salt Lake City, UT – August 02, 2013

Las Vegas, NV – August 03, 2013

Morrison, CO – August 05, 2013

Morrison, CO – August 06, 2013

Saint Louis, MO – August 08, 2013

Kansas City, MO – August 09, 2013

Oklahoma City, OK – August 10, 2013

Dallas, TX – August 12, 2013

Houston, TX – August 15 2013

Nashville, TN – August 17, 2013

Louisville, KY – August 18/13

Indianapolis, IN – August 19, 2013

Charlotte, NC – August 21, 2013

Atlanta, GA – August 22, 2013

Orlando, FL – August 27, 2013

Tampa, FL – August 28, 2013

Miami, FL – August 30, 2013

Las Vegas, NV – September 21, 2013

Las Vegas, NV – December 29, 2013

Las Vegas, NV – December 31, 2013